So you followed your dream...

You started a farm, you cultivated the ultimate strain, you created the dopest concentrate, formulated the tastiest edible and manifested the most effective tincture.

You know what you are doing.

Most manufacturers and processors are masters of their craft, focusing on the production.  Whether this is your first season or you've been around since before Oregon went rec, there is always a next step in growing your marketing strategy.  Lifted caters to the company that is ready to take that next step and bring their image to the next level.  Where are you in this ever changing cannabis climate?  Where do you want to be?

Are you pleased with your current branding?  Or do you not yet have a logo?  Have you developed your mission statement?

Do you need business cards?  Stickers?  Lighters, rolling papers, grinders and other swag?  Letterheads, envelopes or other professional documents?

Hopefully you found time to start some kind of online presence.  Streamlining all social media to reflect the same face projects a professional image.  Custom animated graphics & advertisements also add dimension not seen on amateur profiles.

Do you have a professional and functional website?  Is there a way for the world to learn about your company?  Obtain a custom domain and clearly display relevant information for your potential clients such as grow process, strain selection, clone inventory, extraction options and current stock.

Are you starting from scratch?  Not really the creative type?  No time for this type of thing?  Lifted can help with all matter of online content creation from technical writing to on-site photography.

Have you figured out your packaging?  Ready to upgrade from state templates to state compliant custom designs?  We can help you get your own templates approved by the OLCC.

We are growing, just like you, and understand the challenges involved in this industry.  We are here to work with you on all levels.  We truly believe that teamwork makes the dream work!  This is an involved process and the more input we receive from you and your team, the better your project will be.  Our firm is open to obscure opportunity and unique proposals.  Feel free to reach out with serious inquiries on goods for services offers if cash flow is an issue.




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